So Many Lighting Choices…

During this Stay-At-Home order, we are trying not feel to like we are “stuck” at home. Like many others, we are trying to keep our minds occupied and our bodies moving. Focus is set on the blessings in our lives, spending time with the kids, and revisiting home projects that have been on our to-do list. We have noticed many of our friends doing the same and sharing progress and good thoughts on Facebook and Instagram. Obviously not everyone has materials on hand to do what they are envisioning, but we have time to plan and get ideas!

Maybe you are doing the same? …binging on some HGTV or Pinterest? Yeah, me too.

Mike and I happened to have a box of light fixtures that we had custom made. They have been sitting in the office for a few months now and we have been so busy that we hadn’t had the time to dive into this project. We are launching a design service—we see it as a value-add and up until today it was just something Mike and I were toying with. (Cats outta that bag!) What better day than today to start sharing? We have been asked for years by our amazing customers about light fixture colors, placement, size, etc. This is a perfect fit, adding to our list of services. This current virus situation is turning our business on its ear, so we are finding ourselves with time and energy to build on the idea.

You know we have been doing big and small electrical projects for 27 years, but what you may not know is that I (Melissa) have been in the design field for over 20 years. From interior restaurant design and branding to print design and web design, I have done a lot of “designing” in my career. In these posts (more to come) we will share lighting tips, and lighting experiences.

Below we are showcasing three pendants that we had made. These lights were custom ordered to get just the right cord, just the right canopy and just the right finishes. They weren’t made for our home office, but under these circumstances, why not see what it does for this space?

Let’s dive in… sometimes the hardest part about updating your home, is staying on-track with your desired color scheme without going monotone, stick with the theme without going overly eccentric (unless that is your goal), and work with your rooms size. Pinterest can send anyone into a rabbit hole of ideas that can make a head spin. It is easy to get a little antsy making that final decision to buy statement pieces, especially light fixtures… I mean, it not only can be a statement piece but it likely needs to perform the job too, right? …light it up!

(I can’t wait to share the wall sconces, but that is for another time). We hung these all in the same office space (our home office) to share how each one updates the feeling of the space differently.

Welcome to Raceway Electric @ home. 😉

Here is our office (before the pendant install). My favorite thing about this space is the natural light we get through the windows. The space has plenty of lighting with 4 recessed lights in the ceiling. But it NEEDS something more for ambiance. (10 pts if you spot the photo of my favorite actor.)

For the first pendant, I chose one that was brightly colored and medium sized. Why? This space has a lot of color, why not run with it? The accent wall is a blue-green and I painted a very colorful art piece to bring in some cheery yellows into the space. I really wanted the room to feel bright and happy since we spend a lot of time working in here.

The canopy is white so it blends with the ceiling – giving the bright minty shade all the attention.
… here it is! That bright tapered metal shade with a grey/silver cord and a white canopy, beautiful!

What do you think?

Alright, this next one is similar, but different enough to make a different feel and impact. This is a smaller tapered metal shade with a “raw metal” look to the finish.

Okay, last but not least. This one is definitely more modern and more of a statement piece. It has a bit of an on-trend vibe as well. Not my husband’s style, but I think it is really cool.

I am listing out the details, because it is what makes this one so fun:
✓ Orange Cord
✓ Exposed Bulbs
✓ Galvanized Metal Details
✓ Black Metal Details
✓ Amber Colored Edison Style Bulbs

I think these are inspiring to see what a lighting fixture can do for a room. It can change more than the amount of light—it can change the entire mood. More to come!

Hit us up if you are interested in a lighting consultation or are interested in these specific lights, and please keep Raceway Electric & Solar in mind for all of your electrical needs. We appreciate you! 619-596-1918